Jyuu (jyuufish) wrote in soylent_icons,

~Soylent Update~

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles x 1
D.greyman x 1
NANA x 1
Sailor Moon x 1
Xenogears x 1
warning: This update is approximately pairings. One male/female, two girl/girl and two male/male. If you get unaccountably angry at same or different sex couplings then I think that SHOULDN'T click on the cut text..

Tsubasa: Freya/Chii
D.greyman: Komui/Cross
NANA: Takumi/Hachi
Sailor Moon: Michiru/Haruka
Xenogears: Hyuga/Sigurd

Comments are Appreciated but Credit is a Must
:Credit: soylent_icons or Individual Icon Maker (in this case, jyuufish)
~Friend if you are inclined~
:Note 1: Textless bases are STILL bases. If it has no words on it, then feel free to add your own. Not exempt from the credit rule though (as alot of my icons are manga colourized and take me time to colour, so please credit if you use). There are new stuff since my last update, since I alternate between posting to my journal and this community. Go and see what you missed!
:Note 2: There be easter eggs, I never include all icons, I just give teasers. If you want the full extent of what I create, you have to go to the community and prowl around (which is friend's open). Happy Icon Hunting (There are alot of easter eggs in this update)

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*I just re-organized the Soylent Index into a cleaner and easier on the eyes format. Go and check it out!

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